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June 2017

How to harness the power of video marketing

By | Video Savvy

When an astonishing 74% of all internet traffic is set to be video this year, it’s a no brainer to have videos on your landing page showcasing your products and services.

But how else can you use your videos to generate leads, target new customers and convert social followers into loyal buyers?

Here’s 10 top tips to get you started.


  1. Advertise online. It’s a crowded marketplace and you need to go directly to your customers. You can do so with social media by paying to leverage ads. A video posted on Facebook can generate about100% more engagement than the average post.


  1. Use You Tube. It’s the second biggest search engine after Google and lends itself to all sorts of interesting videos to sell your products and services. Concentrate on making short, snappy how to videos, real time videos, product demo videos or interviews with customers and experts. Then share these videos with other social media.


  1. Target, target, target. The key to using social media is to make sure your products reach the right customers, which leads us back to knowing who your customers are!


  1. Keep content short and simple. Stick to around one minute and make sure the videos are relevant with a solid call-to-action to drive customers to your website.


  1. Email your customers a video. According to digital marketing company, Syndacast using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%.


  1. Personalise your videos. It can help build relationships as well as loyalty among customers.


  1. Get interactive! If you have a product that lends itself to customer interaction, then why not ask them to make a video as part of a competition. The entries can then be posted to generate more leads. Some companies also ask customers to send their ‘unboxing videos’ which helps build anticipation about the product.


  1. Share your ‘story’. Many brands use an Instagram and Snapchat feature called ‘stories’ where they share a 10 second video to for flash sales. The video disappears after 24 hours but it’s an effective way to get your product or service noticed.


  1. Vlog and blog! These can be regular updates or anything connected to your product or service.


Tease with a teaser. If you have a lull between new products or services, then create ‘teaser’ videos to build anticipation, just like the movies do before they release a new film.