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In Tune With Yourself – Why Mindset Is The Start Of Success

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Ever wonder how you got to where you are? While there is no doubt circumstance plays a role, the core values and beliefs inherited from childhood onwards is largely responsible for your current station in life.

The story you tell yourself forges your destiny

Whether we realise it or not, we all have an internal dialogue which dictates the outcome of our lives. For most, negative self-talk prevents us from reaching our potential.

Fed by a constant barrage of disempowering information from the media, community figures, and even our own parents, it is no surprise so many give up on their goals as they move through adulthood.

Thankfully, you can seize control of the pen writing your story. Instead of letting default beliefs decide your future, you can replace them with empowering ones. When you install these beliefs in your head, the choices you make are influenced by them, leading you closer to your goals.

Failure isn’t final – unless you give up

While it is important to adopt a positive self-image and set of beliefs which serve your long-term goals, it is inevitable you will fail along the way. How we respond to these setbacks have a huge impact on how our lives will unfold in the future.

Sadly, after smacking into the first few roadblocks, most get discouraged with their lack of progress and go back to the meagre existence from which they desperately want to escape. Successful people view failure as stepping stones to the goals they wish to achieve.

They analyse why they didn’t hit their ‘views’ goal on YouTube, make necessary adjustments, and compare those results to the ones they get a week later. In their mind, failure isn’t the end of the world – it is just another data point in the ongoing experiment known as life.

Nothing has meaning – except what we give it

Emotion is not an external affliction – it wells up from within us. From the moment we are born, we assign meaning to every commonly encountered situation. Many events have a positive (receiving a compliment from a co-worker) or negative (being mugged on a street corner) meaning attached to them by society.

However, some associations vary considerably between average and successful people. Receiving your first troll comment on a video is a classic example – creators who view this occurrence negatively may fold in the face of such pressure, while those who view it positively aren’t bothered by it, as they take it as a sign they are discussing a subject of great importance.

Work on your mindset every day

As time goes by, your goals will shift. Life will creep up on you when you least expect it. You will happen upon new information which will challenge your perspective. For these reasons and others, it is important to reevaluate your mindset on a daily basis.

At a minimum, reinforcing the same core values you committed to the day before will help you stay on track to achieve your current goals.

In the long term, it will help you re-align your life around new goals, get back on the horse after a life event (maternity leave, the flu, losing your day job, etc) derails you, and it will give you the needed framework to reject or incorporate any new beliefs you encounter.

If you want to change your way in front of the camera, connect with me today.

How To Look Good Every Time Someone Says ‘Action” – Tips On Rocking The Camera

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Video has become a huge medium in just the past few years. More web users are consuming video than ever before as broadband speeds improve throughout the world.

While this has increased viewership across the board, the number of creators has also skyrocketed. While looking good on camera has always been important, increased competition has raised the bar for everybody.

Looking to develop a killer on-screen persona? Adopt the following suggestions and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a rock star in your space.

Dress smart

Want to capture the attention of your target audience? Dressing appropriately before hitting record is a must. If someone wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt made a video on the state of the stock market, would you take them seriously?

Alternatively, those who are sharply dressed in business casual attire have a dramatically higher chance of their words being trusted.

What’s more, those who dress for the role they’re playing are imbued with a sense of confidence which can elevate their on-camera performance.

Take care not to overdress, though – shooting a fitness-themed video whilst wearing a suit will appear out of character, distracting viewers you are trying to reach.

Bring your energy level up a notch

A general rule of thumb states you have 10-30 seconds to engage a viewer before they lose interest. For this reason, killer presentation skills are crucial.

Review your past clips – if you come across as tentative, nervous, and speak with a monotone voice, you need to level up your performance. Low energy presenters often fail at retaining interest – when women are looking for a heroine, they are more likely to follow one that’s enthusiastic.

It may not feel natural changing the profile of your voice or your body language, but with practice and repetition, this will magnify your message, making it easier to build a following.

Make eye contact with the lens

When shooting video, you need to connect with viewers as if they were sitting across from you. To do this, you need to make consistent eye contact with the camera.

There are 1,001 distractions that can prevent you from doing this – glancing down at notes, nervousness, the sudden chirping of a bird nearby – all of these take your eyes away from the lens.

Constantly looking away from your audience degrades credibility; if someone actively avoided eye contact while relaying important information, would you be more or less likely to believe them?

We both know the answer to that question.


We can hear audible sighs from all the Grumpy Cats out there – do you really have to flash a goofy grin when it’s simply not you?

In the opening seconds of a video, your audience will make snap judgments based on body language. By smiling in a calm and composed manner, you’ll make them comfortable, making it easier to get your ideas across.

It may feel awkward to smile when you usually sport a neutral pose, but multiple takes and ongoing practice will help this become part of your on-screen persona.

Power Of Personal Branding

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The primacy of the internet has created innumerable opportunities for ambitious, hard-working entrepreneurs. At the same time, it has quickly changed how business is done, leaving many struggling to get a foothold in markets that were once theirs.

Fortunately, social media and other digital marketing channels have made it easy for astute business people to promote themselves. By building powerful personal brands, they have given themselves a huge advantage over those who still rely on outdated marketing techniques.

In this blog, we’ll explain why putting in the effort to build a compelling personal brand will pay off in the long run.

It makes you more interesting than your competition

Most who practice business these days are up against the crowded playing fields that globalisation has created. When you’re up against millions of businesspeople who are desperately hungry to succeed, you’ll need more than just solid fundamentals to win.

The crafting of a compelling message is a must, as it will help your name rise above the noise. When you differentiate your marketing efforts, how you deliver services/products, and how you address potential customers/clients, you’ll stand out from companies who are content to copy what everybody else is doing.

It attracts opportunity

Cold calling/e-mailing may be a noble pursuit for hungry entrepreneurs who are determined to ‘make it’, but let’s be honest: it is a soul-crushing way to drum up new business. Instead of just hammering away at the phone lines and inboxes of prospects for hours on end, become magnetic through the creation of a powerful personal brand.

By designing a website aligned with the values of your business, producing profound blog/video/podcast content, and by putting a human face (that’s you, by the way) on your enterprise, you will get that crucial second look more often from potential customers/clients. In the long run, this will equate into more conversions/sales.

It raises your standards

For every person who achieves overwhelming success, there are many others stuck in second gear, unsure of what they need to do to break through to the next level. Often, elevating one’s standards is all it takes to transcend their current position.

Whether you improve how you dress or the type of camera you use to shoot video footage, declaring what you will no longer stand for can act as a powerful catalyst for lasting change.

Go through every element of your personal brand. If you are in any way dissatisfied or lukewarm about their current state, change them so they will be brought into alignment with the vision you have for your company and personal life.

It puts you in touch with like-minded people

When you change how you present yourself and your company to the world, you won’t just attract more accounts and repeat customers – you’ll also attract professional business contacts and friends who believe in your mission.

No person is an island in business or life. If you want to succeed in either arena, you’ll want to have a support system that will help magnify your efforts, celebrate victories, and support you when the going gets rough.

Five Biggest Hang Ups Women Have When Getting Their Photo Or Video Done

By | Video Savvy

Having a camera pointed at their face is enough to make many women anxious. For them, the mere thought of having an awkwardly taken headshot or video floating around in the public domain puts them off using this medium to promote themselves.

It is important to know there are ways to rise above the most common problems in photography and videography.

Below, I will address five of the biggest fears women have about being recorded and how they can be overcome.

1) Flaws in their appearance will be accentuated

If you’ve ever spent a half hour obsessing over a blemish or how your bangs fall across your forehead, then you’ll understand how this fear makes some women hesitant to step in front of a camera.

We all have perceived flaws our hyperactive mind inflates in contrast to what people actually focus upon. Viewers care more about your message than that crease in your forehead.

Aside from that, there are ways you or a videographer/photographer can enhance your physical appearance (angles, lighting, etc) so your finished product looks super sharp.

2) People will make fun of them

High school can be a traumatic time for many women, as the all-too-cruel social hierarchies which rule these institutions harshly judge ‘underlings’ for having the slightest facial flaws or committing a perceived fashion faux pas.

These horrible experiences often carry over into adult life. Made to feel self-conscious about their looks, getting in front of a camera can be enough to trigger a fight-or-flight response.

Realise the overwhelming majority of people watch videos to learn how to improve their lives, build a business, and so forth. Those who would still laugh at you based on your appearance are (a) stuck in an immature state of emotional development and (b) are behind a computer screen far away. Pay them no heed and focus instead on your fans.

3) They don’t crave the spotlight

Some women have no qualms about sharing every detail of their personal lives. From the mountain they climbed last weekend to what they had for breakfast this morning, almost no topic is out of bounds.

Others couldn’t fathom sharing intimate moments with anyone outside their immediate circle of family and close friends. This is normal, as many choose privacy over the virtual fishbowl.

Putting your face out there can be an uncomfortable experience if you consider yourself a private person – however, building a personal brand is a virtual necessity for success in today’s business climate.

Know this: even if you aggressively build your image within your niche, it’s unlikely you’ll ever become as big as Kim Kardashian. Accordingly, any worries you have about being recognised on the street are unlikely to become reality.

4) They look different photographed/filmed

Through our life, we mostly define our sense of self via our reflection in the mirror. However, this image is produced by light reflected off its surface, creating a reverse image of everything in front of it.

This warps how you actually look to other people, which can spurn a mini-identity crisis the first time you photograph yourself.

Self-employed filmmakers and photographers can get over this hurdle simply by getting used to the photographic/filmed version of themselves, and by learning camera tricks which will improve their appearance. Alternatively, they can hire a professional, as they know how to make their clients look smashing.

5) They genuinely believe they are not photogenic

Every photo or home movie since childhood depicts you in the worst possible light. Despite looking great when you aren’t being recorded, cameras never seem to capture you at your best.

This is not an uncommon situation – many of the shots in which we appear are candids, which can vary dramatically from the poses we practice in front of the mirror each morning.

Fortunately, photo/film shoots are meant to depict you at your best by definition. As mentioned, photographers and videographers know how to make their subjects look incredible.

If you are setting up your own production, however, doing things like blinking before shots, using makeup to accentuate your best facial features and taking tons of pictures/shots from a variety of angles will get you the best possible results.

Are You Scared Of The Camera?

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The fear of being on camera is a real thing – trust me, others have gone through what you are grappling with right now. You are not alone.

Like any other phobia, however, you can confront and banish it from your life. Below, we’ll talk about several ways you can train yourself to be more comfortable whilst being filmed.

Practice relentlessly

Everyone is terrible the first time they try something new. Even ‘naturals’ had their share of awkward moments when they got started.

How did they get to where they are today? By spending countless hours shooting multiple takes, reviewing results and making necessary adjustments. This may not be a quick and painless approach to video creation, but only through tonnes of work can you fix glaring on-camera weaknesses.

Write up script/notes

Some people can speak from the heart in a single take. For the rest of us, it takes years to get to that level.

Part of your fear of being on camera likely stems from an inability to improvise while being filmed – instead of having a steady, conversational cadence; you end up with plenty of uhhs, umms, and awkward pauses. You then prematurely conclude you’re terrible and end up withdrawing from video as a medium.

Avoid this depressing scenario by sketching out a script prior to shooting. You don’t have to remember it word for word – writing out bullet points will give you the cues necessary to deliver a natural sounding on-camera performance while avoiding the robotic delivery commonly associated with fully-memorised speeches.

Maintain eye contact with the camera

While cue cards can be helpful when making your first inroads into video try refrain from referring to them excessively off-camera. Doing so will suck the authenticity out of your performance; when speaking to your audience you need to look them straight in the eye, meaning making eye contact with the camera lens.

This doesn’t contradict the advice given above – at times; you’ll need to refer to your notes, especially in your earlier videos. Just try to keep it to a minimum – you can edit out the times you look down at your script in post-production, but frequent cuts can chop up the flow of a video.

Make shorter videos at first

Many first-timers to video are eager to impart their knowledge to their target audience. However, they often make the mistake of trying to pack too much information into segments they shoot. Paired together with their inexperience with the medium, their viewers often click away midway through the video, as not many people have time to fit a content-heavy 10+ minute video into their schedule.

Until you develop the charisma to continually engage viewers through the course of a long video, keep them short. Five minutes should be enough time to get your message across in a concise, succinct manner – the points you’ll make have a greater chance of sticking, and this shorter time frame will not greatly inconvenience busier viewers.