Tips On Working With A Professional Videographer

There’s no getting around it – video is the future of the internet. In 2016, it made up 73% of all used bandwidth, and will likely make up 82% of traffic by 2021.

If you want to communicate with your target audience now and in the future, you’ll need to get in front of the camera and press play – it’s that simple.

However, most of us don’t know the first thing about creating a video, let alone a viral one. You might be thinking about hiring a videographer to handle this task, and rightfully so.

Before firing off an e-mail to one, though, there are a few things you should keep in mind before moving forward with the whole process. Let’s go over them below…

Get your ducks in a row

Before bringing a video professional into the mix, it is important to refine your own processes. By getting organised, you’ll uncover aspects of your brand which would benefit from being highlighted in a well-made video.

If you bring fragmented, incoherent thoughts into your initial meeting with a videographer, how can you really expect they will be able to produce a finished product which will meet your needs?

A lack of results from video marketing stems from lack of priorities – figuring out what you want before footage is shot will increase your odds of success dramatically.

Pen a great script

Without well-written narration, the message a viewer perceives from your video may differ from the one you are trying to communicate. By creating a script which provides context, you’ll be helping to mould the impressions which form in their head.

Before rolling tape, don’t just plot out scenes you want to shoot, but how your words will interact with them. Be short and concise so your narrator doesn’t have to mush words together but be sure to include descriptive words to add depth.

Set a stopwatch that corresponds to the length of your video – if the narrator is rushing in a bid to fit the words to the scenes, trim the fat and keep going until it can be read in a relaxed and impactful manner.

Be open to direction

We get it – nobody knows your brand better than you. When you work with a professional videographer, though, realise they have far more experience shooting film. As a result, you need to be open to their suggestions if you really want your videos to pop.

At its core, videography is an art – in order to get the best results, you need to trust the creative behind the camera. Your role is to adequately explain your vision to the videographer – beyond that, you need to trust in their ability to put together a stunning product – this includes being coached on positioning, body language, tone, and more.

Have a range of outfits ready to go 

This may be one of the most worn-out cliches in existence, but clothes truly do make the person. This is especially true in business, where first impressions can hurt or help your cause significantly. It is important to not just wear a sharp looking outfit to the film shoot but to also bring a variety of clothes.

This will give your videographer numerous possibilities to work with when the time comes to roll tape. While your black outfit might work fine, your filmmaker might feel a bright red or royal blue one would have more of an impact on your audience.

By simply bringing a few extra combinations to the shoot, you’ll increase your chance of creating a compelling video.


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