How A Good Image Can Help Build A Business

Your business may have a product or skill set which could help improve life for countless people around the world, but if they don’t know of their existence, it will struggle to reach its full potential.

By cultivating a good image for your business, you’ll be able to attract attention from your target market, who will, in turn, improve its results.

Let’s get into the details of why this is a smart time investment below.

It establishes trust

A business will not last long if customers don’t believe it will deliver on its promises. This maxim has taken on a renewed importance these days, as attempts at deception are quickly reported on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp.

Start by putting up a professionally designed website – in 2018, most people begin relationships with brands online.

By showcasing the competence and expertise of your business, the seeds of trust will be planted in the minds of potential customers. Seal the deal by providing them with an outstanding product or service, and you’ll begin to build up an image as a trustworthy business.

Attracting customers via referrals/word of mouth becomes easier

Some initial customers will become super passionate about your core product/service. Unprompted, they freely spread the word to family, friends, and strangers about what you have to offer the world.

Some tell their friends about their experience with you over lunch or on social media. Others write enthusiastic, multi-paragraph accounts on online review sites.

The end result: a steady stream of new customers inclined to do business with you, all because you took the time to craft a strong image through compelling marketing and superior service.

It frames the conversation around your business

Every aspect of your business, from advertising to how the customer is served, all feeds into a central narrative about your brand – make a compelling and heroic one.

By using video, blogs, podcasts, etc as a storytelling tool, you can tailor your message to reach people who can be helped by the product or service you sell.

Getting a professional videographer to tell your story by producing a well-shot film is one of the best ways to craft an image these days, as video is the popular medium on the web.

With the tale you’ve created firmly in the back of their minds, prospects will often become happy customers. Many will go back to their social spheres of influence and relay your message to friends and family, bringing more qualified customers into your camp as time goes by.

It can land you opportunities on its strength alone

Years of building a brand pay off when new customers come to your door or site simply because your business has come to represent excellence in your niche.

While this doesn’t abdicate you from the responsibility of providing excellent customer service (this is how mighty brands often begin their fall from grace), it helps take a lot of the heavy lifting out of marketing as a critical mass of people are aware of what your business stands for.

Companies like Nike, McDonald’s, Amazon, and others no longer have to justify the value they provide – their identities have so collectively permeated the consciousness of their customers, they no longer have to expend much thought when deciding to buy their products.

This effect can be achieved in smaller niches as well – just understand getting to this point will take many years of intelligent marketing, crafting quality products/services, and providing excellent customer service.

If you’re stuck and need advice about building your image, connect with me today.


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