Being A Powerful Business Person Is Not About Being Ballsy Or Tizzy

Age-old business stereotypes make many believe they need to take aggressive, risky actions in order to get to the top of their industry.

While some succeed in spite of these character traits, most achieve prominent positions in their field by developing common sense habits which support their rise through the ranks. Set yourself up for success by learning from the best.

Powerful business people…

Stay on top of their industry

The only constant in business is change. Advances in technology have quickened in recent years – only those who keep abreast of the latest trends and make appropriate adjustments will be among those who will succeed in the long run.

The learning doesn’t stop when you leave university. By perusing industry specific news, having conversations with respected mentors on a regular basis, and taking courses (like our Video Savvy Academy, which will help to improve your presence in this medium) to learn about new subjects, you’ll retain your ability to innovate throughout your career.

Have their priorities straight

Many offices appear orderly, but that’s only because managers have created a work environment where everyone knows what they should be doing. Businesspeople who climb the corporate ladder or grow their business swiftly are experts at goal-setting and determining the tasks they need to complete to achieve them.

After figuring out what you need to do to achieve your business goals, evaluate how you use your time – chances are, you can find plenty, as much of it is used to surf the web recreationally, chatting by the water cooler, and so forth.

By cutting back on these distractions, you’ll be able to find enough space in your day for activities which will increase your profile at work in the months and years to come.

Command attention and respect

Powerful businesspeople give talks which have listeners hanging on their every word. If you want to influence others with your ideas, it is imperative to learn how to speak in public.

By making eye contact with the audience, projecting and modulating your voice appropriately, and by framing concepts so your audience can relate to them, you’ll have more people wanting to engage with you afterwards.

To get to this point, start attending Toastmasters meetings in your area – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn the above-mentioned concepts and practise them amidst supportive peers.

Eventually, your words will begin to attract attention at meetings and conferences, allowing you to build your reputation.

Genuinely care about their employees

Most are aware of the stereotypical depiction of bosses – they are domineering, controlling jerks who use fear to keep us in line.

This way of doing business is unravelling in modern times, as those who cultivate a culture of mutual respect on the job get better productivity and creativity gains from their team.

Install this culture in your business by initiating an open-door policy – any time employees want to talk about work processes, ideas, or company morale, they are encouraged to do so. Find ways to implement the most relevant suggestions. Provide prompt praise for a job well done. Recognise and celebrate workplace and personal milestones.

When you take these steps and others, social cohesion will strengthen between team members. This will improve workplace results going forward, further improving your reputation as a businessperson.


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