Humanity is at a crossroads in its evolution. Since our species became sentient, our rise has been dominated by the wants and desires of men.

At this point in our history, however, the female perspective is badly needed, as old ways of thinking aren’t just creating division in our society, they threaten the existence of our planet.

Everywhere you go these days, the desire for change is palpable. It is time for women who embrace their womanhood to step to the fore.

A shift in consciousness is occurring

The patriarchy has defined the evolution of every major civilisation until now. The side effects of male domination now threaten our survival, as the world’s military and carbon footprint have advanced to dangerous levels.

The continuation of the old way of doing things (discrimination for personal gain, waging wars of aggression, an unregulated capitalist system which pits individuals against each other, etc) will likely end in our destruction – collectively, we know this to be true.

Wanting a world where peace, prosperity, and kindness reign, our shared consciousness has begun to search the ether for a new way of organising our society. On all three of these counts, women have much to contribute to the conversation.

The world needs more compassion and love

For a while now, we have been counted upon to be caregivers in our family units and in the workforce. Thanks to the love and support we have provided our children, partners, friends, and strangers, they have gone to become well-balanced adults and have achieved great things in their lives.

In a world gone mad due to the impulses of competition and the isolating effects of technology, the nuisance of policies informed by compassion and love are badly needed. Conflict, whether on the battlefield or on social media, can no longer be the solution to our problems.

By speaking up and getting involved, we can bring our charitable approach to our communities and the world stage. In this way, we can begin to undo the damage done by those who have used hate and division to achieve their goals.

We need to work together, not compete against each other

Women have long embraced the power of working together to achieve a common goal. As mentioned earlier, male-dominated power structures pit individual against individual and nation against nation.

With the rise of the internet, the tide has turned – as a decentralised tool which rewards those who collaborate with each other, it has made it possible for women to finally make their voices heard in a meaningful way.

By creating videos, we can rouse and call our sisters and male allies to action. With countless video training courses available on the net, we can put an end to the inequities which have created strife in our societies.

True equality and justice will only be achieved when we stand up

However, this will only happen when we stand up and make out voices heard. When we do, we’ll quickly realise the power we have to reshape the world.

From creating businesses which serve people to closing the gender wage gap to finally addressing problems like homelessness and world hunger, it is time for women to embrace their womanhood. When we do, a beautiful future will be at the tip of our fingers.


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