How To Attract Your Personal Tribe Through Video

If you are looking to attract or expand your tribe, you need to expose yourself and your values on social media.

For quick reckoning people flock to the visual  in particular to platforms like , Instagram, and Snapchat, where video and images are heavily featured.

Once your accounts are up and ready to go, take note of the following and you’ll have an enthusiastic group tracking your every move before you know it.

Be authentic

Pretending to be something you’re not is so last century. We’re all so used to the internet these days that we can spot fakes and wannabe’s in a second.

– So while “fake it til you make it” may have some validity when it comes to  making bold business moves or overcoming fears , it is wiser to  be honest about your offerings and experience, embracing transparency and authenticity.

This involves being a little vulnerable and real to attract potential tribe mates to your side – and  they will appreciate  your honesty.

Define who you are and what you stand for and you’ll give viewers the information they’ll need to decide whether you are the leader for whom they’ve been searching.

Address and present solutions to their problems

So, you’ve amassed a small but growing tribe of followers – good going! Now, it is time to help them out with the problems complicating their lives.

The great thing about video: it is an excellent way to simplify complex issues. Those searching for videos are likely visual learners – they may prefer to pick up quick concepts rather than poring thoughbooks or attending  events or training.

By making videos which offer solutions to personal problems, your audiences will be more likely to resolve the issues going on in their own lives.

Positioning yourself as an authority with real life experience enables your viewers to either buy into what you have to offer, or they won’t.

The best part of it is that it is those in the former who will join and stick with your tribe.

Do videos based on current events in your niche

It is important to do videos about your products/services – you have to make a living, after all. However, making these your sole focus is a mistake, as doing this may  make you look too salesy.

Instead, be sure to mix in videos based on current events in your space. Every day, events of significant interest to people in your tribe occur – even if you are in a hyper-specific niche, go ahead and type relevant niche keywords into Google News and prepare to be amazed.

Once you find a juicy story to cover, shoot a video giving your take on the situation. Don’t mince words – relay what you think it will mean for people in your tribe. Doing this will cement your reputation as an expert, so don’t be shy about covering these topics.

Not only will this keep current subscribers engaged, people searching for these events will discover your channel through YouTube and Google search – in time, making these types of videos will only add to the size of your tribe.

Connect with viewers in the comments

As time goes on, you may have trouble coming up with ideas for videos. As smart as you are, remember this – your tribemates are the true experts in your niche.

Once you begin to amass a significant following, the number of commenters on your videos will increase. Tap their knowledge by asking for feedback – the responses you’ll get will give a clearer idea of what your followers care about.

This will give you the information you’ll need to craft videos which will effectively address the issues your tribe faces, which will, in turn, enhance your reputation.

Learn how to create attractive videos

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