How Personal Branding Can Uplift Your Business

Have you tried to make a go of it online only to slam into a wall of silence? Getting people to notice your business on the internet can be tough, no doubt about it.

How on Earth do the successful ones get heard?

They put years of work into cultivating a personal brand which draws qualified customers to them. Let’s learn more about how to do this below.

 Authenticity and image is everything these days

Thanks to the influence the internet has had on recent generations, Millennials and Generation Z value people, companies, and brands which represent themselves honestly.

They grew up aware of the wrongdoings of some corporations, and as a result, are hesitant to trust businesses who can’t be transparent in all their dealings.

When pursuing your target market, resist the temptation to embellish what you have to offer and be real with potential customers – doing this will make it easier to build a strong following over time.

Committing to authenticity doesn’t mean you have to be boring, though, as there are plenty of ways to customise and spice up your brand without having to resort to half-truths.

This is done by evaluating what is important to your people and crafting a message which speaks their language. Keep this in mind as you write copy, take pictures, and shoot video, and you’ll attract more loyal customers than those who use the same bland, marketing methods everybody else does.

There are video masterclasses which can teach you how to get noticed by potential members of your tribe – take one soon and you’ll have a big edge over the other players in your space.

You are now competing against the world

The internet has made it easier for businesses to reach customers around the world – conversely, it has also made it easier for your competition to do the same.

Competing on price won’t work, as there is always a lower-cost producer which can provide the same product or service for pennies on the dollar.

Rather, focus on what you stand for – do this, and you’ll immediately have the attention of like-minded individuals.

Once you have achieved this, introduce them to a product or service crafted just for them, and you’ll convert at a higher level than you ever have before.

Spiciness and professionalism: a balance can be struck

Increased competition may be forcing businesses to use edgier marketing techniques to attract and retain customers, but many are becoming uncomfortable with this state of affairs.

Why is this? Some perceive customer acquisition to be a zero-sum game (to win, someone else has to lose), so they feel they have no choice but to push the envelope with regards to sex appeal, shock value, and other risky strategies.

Whilst often effective at grabbing one’s attention, these initiatives may backfire in a spectacular way, sparking a controversy which could do damage to your reputation.

How can we create a bold personal brand without shooting ourselves in the foot? By establishing a set of ground rules which will protect us from going off the rails when crafting spicy marketing campaigns.

They are general in scope, as every situation varies based on context, but in all instances, you should:

1) Remain positive whenever possible

2) Only use negativity to define a problem, not to manipulate customers into performing the desired action

3) Be authentic and transparent in your messaging

By running all slogans, video ideas, advertisements, and other aspects of your brand through this filter, you’ll give yourself the best chance of avoiding the sort of self-inflicted damage others invite upon their brand.


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