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Can women have it all in today’s world? Despite what sceptics say, it is possible to have a successful career and a fulfilling home life.

The existence of the superwoman is proof of this – juggling the demands of a corporate job/running a business whilst running a household, they lead full (if busy) lives.

It is not an easy role to play – but then again, nothing worth doing is. What traits do successful superwomen possess? Let’s explore this topic further in today’s blog.

Superwomen are empowered

Superwomen know they are capable of doing anything they put their mind towards. Unencumbered by gender roles, they don’t hesitate to take the lead in any field where they work.

Whilst they are capable of excelling in male-dominated fields, they don’t hesitate to tap the powers which come easily to them by virtue of being a woman.

By leveraging their superior listening, negotiation, and collaboration skills, they have been able to take their career to new heights, as we now live in a world which values these strengths.

Superwomen are in touch with their feelings

Extraordinary women do not shy away from their feelings – they pay attention to the signals they give off.

Superwomen realise emotions, be they fear, anger, or frustration are not meant to be viewed as harmful. Instead, they treat them as feedback.

For instance, if they are afraid of looking like an amateur on video, they take the extra time to go through a checklist which will help them get their screen presence right.

By seeing feelings as an ally rather than an obstacle, they are able to harness them, supercharging the results they achieve in their business and personal life.

Superwomen take care of their bodies

In order to effectively handle the slings and arrows life tosses their way, a superwoman fortifies their body by eating well and engaging in regular exercise.

The demands of a hectic schedule could give them an excuse to fall into the embrace of convenience foods, but the tiredness, irritability, and long-term health effects would have a net negative influence on their life.

Instead, they make the conscious choice to eat whole foods, as they know the energy, vitamins, and minerals they provide will give their body and mind the nourishment they need to succeed.

They also know the value of having an exercise regimen in place. A superwomen’s day typically begins with a brisk jog, as it increases the flow of blood to the brain, boosting alertness and optimal brain function. It also releases serotonin, a hormone proven to elevate mood and combat depression.

Combined, eating well and exercise gives them a boost over those ‘too busy’ to cook meals or work out.

A superwoman has their priorities straight

Compare one superwoman to another and you’ll quickly notice they all have a strong sense of what they need to be doing. Seldom will they be caught flat-footed, as know exactly what their priorities are in any given moment.

Superwomen place a high value on getting work projects done in an efficient manner, as doing so makes them more likely to be viewed as an indispensable asset. As a result, they often shun the usual water cooler talk in favour of getting things done.

If they know they need to shoot some professional videos for their website, but lack experience behind the camera, they forego expensive dinners out for a month and spend $197 on a course to improve their videography skills.

By putting priorities like professional development ahead in the queue, you too can embark on the path to becoming a superwoman – the more you know these days, the more success you’ll ultimately enjoy.

The unacknowledged powers – what we don’t acknowledge as the power of being a woman

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Commerce had long been perceived as a man’s pursuit. However, innate traits innate to women give us unique advantages in today’s business world.

Below, we’ll explore just a few of the advantages of being a businesswoman in the 21st century:

We are better at reading people

Studies show the right and left hemisphere of the female brain are able to talk to each other simultaneously – as a result, it is much easier for us to take an interest in what people are saying and their body language.

This seemingly inborn ability to pick up on the emotions of others is typically referred to as a ‘woman’s intuition’.

Some have dismissed this concept, as they view it as being based on anecdotal evidence, but a 2017 study published by the University of Cambridge revealed women were better than men at identifying the emotions people were experiencing just by looking at their eyes.

This gives us the advantage in business settings, as we pick up on non-verbal cues more readily than men. This trait makes us better negotiators and interviewers – as such, those with dishonest intentions find it harder to get past us, making us an asset to any organisation.

We are natural collaborators

The rise of the Internet-driven economy has tipped the scales of success in our favour. It was a completely different story just a few decades ago: to succeed back then, you had to fight your way to the top of the corporate ladder. If you had to step on a few fingers along the way, it was just a cost of doing business.

If you hope to succeed these days, you can’t do it on your own – to win, you need to work effectively with programmers, graphic designers, marketing and branding geniuses, and so forth.

Recent research suggests women are more adept at this; according to a study performed by the Center for Collective Intelligence at MIT, the greater the proportion of women on a team, the greater its collective performance was.

Our ability to come to a consensus on critical issues allows us to get more done in a way which respects our fellow colleagues. In a business world where speed is key, this can make the difference between success and failure.

We are better communicators

If you have ever been in a relationship, you know we are better communicators than our male counterparts. Whilst this claim may seem anecdotal, it turns out there is a scientific explanation for this.
Back in prehistoric times, men and women were locked into roles which caused each gender to develop character traits which affected how they communicated with others.

Women were the caregivers, whilst men went out into the field and hunted. This meant females were often put in situations where they were constantly connecting with their children, whilst males kept talk to a minimum as they attempted to bag woolly mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers.

Times have changed since the Stone Age, but these tendencies, thanks to natural selection, persist to this day.

The fact we find it easier to communicate with others gives us a tremendous advantage in the workplace. For instance, we are capable of getting ideas across in a variety of ways, a trait conducive to business success in a world where video is more important than ever.

Want to double down on this advantage? Improve how you come across on camera by checking out our free masterclass on how to become a better presenter – just leave your e-mail, and you’ll receive a lesson which will give you the tools needed to take your business to the next level.

The 21st century superwoman – powers you need to survive in business in 2018

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The nature of business has changed fundamentally over the past 30 years. In 2018, skills which were less important or didn’t exist in the past are now vital to your success. It isn’t enough to don your superwoman tights and work hard if you want to rise to the top – you need to develop special powers.

In this blog, we’ll talk about some skill sets which will give the boost you’ll need to rise above the rest.

Social media literacy

Trust is a valuable commodity – those who earn it find it easier to achieve consistent business success.

The rise of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have given consumers a platform to assess the trustworthiness of brands – approach them intelligently, and you can cultivate a positive reputation for your business.

Superwoman entrepreneurs don’t just know how to position their business on social media – they use these sites to have an ongoing conversation with their customers. They are aware of the wants of their tribe because they listen to their comments and private messages.

Because they are well-versed in social media, they can also respond to a controversy before it blows up into a public relations fiasco. By keeping lines of communication open (e.g. responding to affected parties, posting regular updates, etc), they can show their business cares.

Empathy for everyday people

Folks have gotten wise to companies out to make a quick buck. This is wonderful news for superwomen, as their ability to emphasise with the needs of others has allowed them to attract growing numbers of loyal customers.

Superwomen entrepreneurs take the time to really listen to these folks, making it easy to imagine themselves in their shoes. This permits them to create products or services which actually solve the problems faced by those in their niche.

They don’t just treat customers gently, though – they act the same way towards their employees and contractors as well. Superwomen realise these folks are the backbone of their business, so they act in a respectful manner towards them.

Rather than lash out at those behind in their work, they work with them to get to the root of the problem (e.g. struggling to juggle work with the responsibilities of being a new parent). Because of this approach, they find it easier to retain the ‘A’ level talent needed to push their company to the next level.

Videography skills

In case you’re just joining us, everybody is moving to video. By 2021, 82% of bandwidth transmitted over the internet will be visual content.

Superwomen understand this, as they have been busy building and honing their videography skills recently. They know people flock to video because it provides the human connection which is sorely lacking in text and sound-based media.

How do these platforms accomplish this? Videos provide non-verbal cues, allowing their creators to be understood more readily and make points with greater enthusiasm.

It is also the only medium where all forms of communication (i.e. text, sound, and video) can be present at the same time. Given the flexibility video provides, it is any wonder so many smart businesswomen have been starting channels lately?

If you are looking to do the same but lack the confidence to press play on your camera, Video Savvy Academy can teach you the skills you’re after. For only $197, you’ll learn how to be authentic on video, write compelling scripts, edit clips professionally, and so much more – give it a go today!

How Personal Branding Can Uplift Your Business

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Have you tried to make a go of it online only to slam into a wall of silence? Getting people to notice your business on the internet can be tough, no doubt about it.

How on Earth do the successful ones get heard?

They put years of work into cultivating a personal brand which draws qualified customers to them. Let’s learn more about how to do this below.

 Authenticity and image is everything these days

Thanks to the influence the internet has had on recent generations, Millennials and Generation Z value people, companies, and brands which represent themselves honestly.

They grew up aware of the wrongdoings of some corporations, and as a result, are hesitant to trust businesses who can’t be transparent in all their dealings.

When pursuing your target market, resist the temptation to embellish what you have to offer and be real with potential customers – doing this will make it easier to build a strong following over time.

Committing to authenticity doesn’t mean you have to be boring, though, as there are plenty of ways to customise and spice up your brand without having to resort to half-truths.

This is done by evaluating what is important to your people and crafting a message which speaks their language. Keep this in mind as you write copy, take pictures, and shoot video, and you’ll attract more loyal customers than those who use the same bland, marketing methods everybody else does.

There are video masterclasses which can teach you how to get noticed by potential members of your tribe – take one soon and you’ll have a big edge over the other players in your space.

You are now competing against the world

The internet has made it easier for businesses to reach customers around the world – conversely, it has also made it easier for your competition to do the same.

Competing on price won’t work, as there is always a lower-cost producer which can provide the same product or service for pennies on the dollar.

Rather, focus on what you stand for – do this, and you’ll immediately have the attention of like-minded individuals.

Once you have achieved this, introduce them to a product or service crafted just for them, and you’ll convert at a higher level than you ever have before.

Spiciness and professionalism: a balance can be struck

Increased competition may be forcing businesses to use edgier marketing techniques to attract and retain customers, but many are becoming uncomfortable with this state of affairs.

Why is this? Some perceive customer acquisition to be a zero-sum game (to win, someone else has to lose), so they feel they have no choice but to push the envelope with regards to sex appeal, shock value, and other risky strategies.

Whilst often effective at grabbing one’s attention, these initiatives may backfire in a spectacular way, sparking a controversy which could do damage to your reputation.

How can we create a bold personal brand without shooting ourselves in the foot? By establishing a set of ground rules which will protect us from going off the rails when crafting spicy marketing campaigns.

They are general in scope, as every situation varies based on context, but in all instances, you should:

1) Remain positive whenever possible

2) Only use negativity to define a problem, not to manipulate customers into performing the desired action

3) Be authentic and transparent in your messaging

By running all slogans, video ideas, advertisements, and other aspects of your brand through this filter, you’ll give yourself the best chance of avoiding the sort of self-inflicted damage others invite upon their brand.

How To Attract Your Personal Tribe Through Video

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If you are looking to attract or expand your tribe, you need to expose yourself and your values on social media.

For quick reckoning people flock to the visual  in particular to platforms like , Instagram, and Snapchat, where video and images are heavily featured.

Once your accounts are up and ready to go, take note of the following and you’ll have an enthusiastic group tracking your every move before you know it.

Be authentic

Pretending to be something you’re not is so last century. We’re all so used to the internet these days that we can spot fakes and wannabe’s in a second.

– So while “fake it til you make it” may have some validity when it comes to  making bold business moves or overcoming fears , it is wiser to  be honest about your offerings and experience, embracing transparency and authenticity.

This involves being a little vulnerable and real to attract potential tribe mates to your side – and  they will appreciate  your honesty.

Define who you are and what you stand for and you’ll give viewers the information they’ll need to decide whether you are the leader for whom they’ve been searching.

Address and present solutions to their problems

So, you’ve amassed a small but growing tribe of followers – good going! Now, it is time to help them out with the problems complicating their lives.

The great thing about video: it is an excellent way to simplify complex issues. Those searching for videos are likely visual learners – they may prefer to pick up quick concepts rather than poring thoughbooks or attending  events or training.

By making videos which offer solutions to personal problems, your audiences will be more likely to resolve the issues going on in their own lives.

Positioning yourself as an authority with real life experience enables your viewers to either buy into what you have to offer, or they won’t.

The best part of it is that it is those in the former who will join and stick with your tribe.

Do videos based on current events in your niche

It is important to do videos about your products/services – you have to make a living, after all. However, making these your sole focus is a mistake, as doing this may  make you look too salesy.

Instead, be sure to mix in videos based on current events in your space. Every day, events of significant interest to people in your tribe occur – even if you are in a hyper-specific niche, go ahead and type relevant niche keywords into Google News and prepare to be amazed.

Once you find a juicy story to cover, shoot a video giving your take on the situation. Don’t mince words – relay what you think it will mean for people in your tribe. Doing this will cement your reputation as an expert, so don’t be shy about covering these topics.

Not only will this keep current subscribers engaged, people searching for these events will discover your channel through YouTube and Google search – in time, making these types of videos will only add to the size of your tribe.

Connect with viewers in the comments

As time goes on, you may have trouble coming up with ideas for videos. As smart as you are, remember this – your tribemates are the true experts in your niche.

Once you begin to amass a significant following, the number of commenters on your videos will increase. Tap their knowledge by asking for feedback – the responses you’ll get will give a clearer idea of what your followers care about.

This will give you the information you’ll need to craft videos which will effectively address the issues your tribe faces, which will, in turn, enhance your reputation.

Learn how to create attractive videos

Ready to help people live their best life? Check out our latest course today and for under $200 you’ll learn all the skills you’ll need to create videos which will attract scores of new tribe mates to your side.

Time For Women To Embrace Their Womanhood

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Humanity is at a crossroads in its evolution. Since our species became sentient, our rise has been dominated by the wants and desires of men.

At this point in our history, however, the female perspective is badly needed, as old ways of thinking aren’t just creating division in our society, they threaten the existence of our planet.

Everywhere you go these days, the desire for change is palpable. It is time for women who embrace their womanhood to step to the fore.

A shift in consciousness is occurring

The patriarchy has defined the evolution of every major civilisation until now. The side effects of male domination now threaten our survival, as the world’s military and carbon footprint have advanced to dangerous levels.

The continuation of the old way of doing things (discrimination for personal gain, waging wars of aggression, an unregulated capitalist system which pits individuals against each other, etc) will likely end in our destruction – collectively, we know this to be true.

Wanting a world where peace, prosperity, and kindness reign, our shared consciousness has begun to search the ether for a new way of organising our society. On all three of these counts, women have much to contribute to the conversation.

The world needs more compassion and love

For a while now, we have been counted upon to be caregivers in our family units and in the workforce. Thanks to the love and support we have provided our children, partners, friends, and strangers, they have gone to become well-balanced adults and have achieved great things in their lives.

In a world gone mad due to the impulses of competition and the isolating effects of technology, the nuisance of policies informed by compassion and love are badly needed. Conflict, whether on the battlefield or on social media, can no longer be the solution to our problems.

By speaking up and getting involved, we can bring our charitable approach to our communities and the world stage. In this way, we can begin to undo the damage done by those who have used hate and division to achieve their goals.

We need to work together, not compete against each other

Women have long embraced the power of working together to achieve a common goal. As mentioned earlier, male-dominated power structures pit individual against individual and nation against nation.

With the rise of the internet, the tide has turned – as a decentralised tool which rewards those who collaborate with each other, it has made it possible for women to finally make their voices heard in a meaningful way.

By creating videos, we can rouse and call our sisters and male allies to action. With countless video training courses available on the net, we can put an end to the inequities which have created strife in our societies.

True equality and justice will only be achieved when we stand up

However, this will only happen when we stand up and make out voices heard. When we do, we’ll quickly realise the power we have to reshape the world.

From creating businesses which serve people to closing the gender wage gap to finally addressing problems like homelessness and world hunger, it is time for women to embrace their womanhood. When we do, a beautiful future will be at the tip of our fingers.

How To Use Video To Get The Phone Ringing

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Have you shot videos about your business with little or no improvement in customer enquiries? As frustrated as you may be, don’t delete your YouTube channel yet.  You may be making a few mistakes in your creative process – which are entirely fixable.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to shoot videos in a manner which will engage and delight your audience.

Be vulnerable

A sure way to put your audience to sleep is to make videos without injecting any personality into them. It’s a brave new world online where abstract and technical videos attract a certain type of audience, while social media craves real people who know what they are talking about.

Online, your audience isn’t just looking for solutions to their problems, they are searching for someone they can trust. Go ahead and share stories about your own experiences that may help others.  Don’t worry about being seen as a flawed human being – if anything, this act will endear you to people in the same position as you.  A word of caution: don’t overshare or let negativity enter your brand space.  Think about the moral of the story you are telling.

Aware of the common issues and story telling they share with you, audiences will be receptive to what you have to say going forward.

Mind your body language

What you say isn’t nearly important as how you say it – only 7% of in-person communication is relayed by the actual words you speak.

Rather, body language is what will make or break your videos, as viewers interpret half of what you say by the posture you assume. You can say all the right things, but none of it will matter if your body language is betraying you.

When shooting, avoid crossing your arms or legs, as these acts are indicative of impatience and defensiveness. Touching your face suggests you are anxious, whilst frequently looking away from the lens may make some question your honesty.

Instead, maintain an open posture, stand or sit up straight, and maintain steady eye contact with the lens when making videos. These actions display trustworthiness, confidence, and integrity respectively, so make a concerted effort to adopt these habits.

Don’t be married to your script

Scripts are great for outlining key points. They aren’t meant to be read word for word – if you stick to them exclusively, you will end up sounding robotic and inauthentic.

Think you can’t speak on camera without the aid of a script? Know this: experienced videographers don’t craft their creations from a single clip of raw video – they use multiple takes and video editing to put together a slick end product.

As such, don’t be afraid to go off the cuff. This may be intimidating at first, but it will come with practice.

In the interim, using plenty of takes will ensure the finished product will look and sound amazing, so don’t be afraid to plunge forward boldly and put your personal stamp on the videos you create.

Can’t afford a wizard to do these things for you? Lack the skills needed to edit a professional looking video? No worries – we are presently offering an affordable course which will teach you how to put together compelling productions which will blow the socks off your customers.

Make an investment in the future success of your business – sign up today!

Imagine you are having a conversation with your best friend

Don’t fall into the trap of attempting to impress your viewers by pretending to be someone else. You aren’t on stage giving a TED talk to thousands of people – you are having a one-on-one conversation with each person who clicks on your video.

By speaking into the camera as if your best friend was sitting across from you, you’ll create an intimate vibe which will make the viewer feel as if you are in their room with them.

Feeling valued, they will feel compelled to reach out to you – multiply this by thousands of viewers, and you’ll see improved results in your business before long.

Being A Powerful Business Person Is Not About Being Ballsy Or Tizzy

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Age-old business stereotypes make many believe they need to take aggressive, risky actions in order to get to the top of their industry.

While some succeed in spite of these character traits, most achieve prominent positions in their field by developing common sense habits which support their rise through the ranks. Set yourself up for success by learning from the best.

Powerful business people…

Stay on top of their industry

The only constant in business is change. Advances in technology have quickened in recent years – only those who keep abreast of the latest trends and make appropriate adjustments will be among those who will succeed in the long run.

The learning doesn’t stop when you leave university. By perusing industry specific news, having conversations with respected mentors on a regular basis, and taking courses (like our Video Savvy Academy, which will help to improve your presence in this medium) to learn about new subjects, you’ll retain your ability to innovate throughout your career.

Have their priorities straight

Many offices appear orderly, but that’s only because managers have created a work environment where everyone knows what they should be doing. Businesspeople who climb the corporate ladder or grow their business swiftly are experts at goal-setting and determining the tasks they need to complete to achieve them.

After figuring out what you need to do to achieve your business goals, evaluate how you use your time – chances are, you can find plenty, as much of it is used to surf the web recreationally, chatting by the water cooler, and so forth.

By cutting back on these distractions, you’ll be able to find enough space in your day for activities which will increase your profile at work in the months and years to come.

Command attention and respect

Powerful businesspeople give talks which have listeners hanging on their every word. If you want to influence others with your ideas, it is imperative to learn how to speak in public.

By making eye contact with the audience, projecting and modulating your voice appropriately, and by framing concepts so your audience can relate to them, you’ll have more people wanting to engage with you afterwards.

To get to this point, start attending Toastmasters meetings in your area – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn the above-mentioned concepts and practise them amidst supportive peers.

Eventually, your words will begin to attract attention at meetings and conferences, allowing you to build your reputation.

Genuinely care about their employees

Most are aware of the stereotypical depiction of bosses – they are domineering, controlling jerks who use fear to keep us in line.

This way of doing business is unravelling in modern times, as those who cultivate a culture of mutual respect on the job get better productivity and creativity gains from their team.

Install this culture in your business by initiating an open-door policy – any time employees want to talk about work processes, ideas, or company morale, they are encouraged to do so. Find ways to implement the most relevant suggestions. Provide prompt praise for a job well done. Recognise and celebrate workplace and personal milestones.

When you take these steps and others, social cohesion will strengthen between team members. This will improve workplace results going forward, further improving your reputation as a businessperson.

The Fear Of Photography And Video – What It Is And What To Do About It

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In 2018, small business operators are moving rapidly towards video and photo-rich platforms, as these sites are projected to take up more than 82% of bandwidth by 2021.

The toughest part of this for some is featuring in their business videos, as many of us have reservations about our physical appearance.

We live in an image-driven society

Whilst the rise of television and beauty magazines in the 20th century is primarily responsible for obsessions with perfection, the internet has kicked this trend into overdrive.

From YouTubers who shoot to fame largely because of their good looks to Instagram accounts featuring flawless models, the stakes have been raised to lofty heights when it comes to appearances.

Most of us will never meet these standards, but that’s okay – rapport in the real world is driven more by real humans and the substance of our message rather than whether or not we meet unrealistic beauty standards.

Scopophobia is a real thing

Despite this, some judge their looks harshly – convinced they are not photogenic, they avoid the camera at all costs.

Some are so disturbed by the prospect of their image getting out into the world, they disappear or make excuses if there is even the slightest possibility their picture might be taken.

Whether they feel like they’re not good enough or fear the criticism of others who see them on video or in photos, it can be taken to extremes.

People who suffer from this level of apprehension likely suffer from scopophobia – the fear of being seen or stared at by others.

Even Miss Universe can be camera shy

Think only those whose appearance is less than perfect suffer from this affliction? Even the most objectively beautiful women can harbour the fear of being captured in an unflattering pose.

In 2016, Miss Universe Puerto Rico winner Kristhielee Caride was stripped of her crown for refusing to be photographed.

After admitting to officials, she had a photography phobia, they took away her title, as they maintained it was part of the job for her to be recorded during her attendance at public events.

Was it abhorrent for the people behind Miss Universe to take such a stance? Certainly. However, we tell this story to drive home an important point – if you are terrified of cameras, you are far from alone.

Getting comfortable on camera is not an impossible task

Putting your image out there is increasingly essential for business success today, and  if the thought of stepping in front of the lens makes you nauseous, it’s worth doing what it takes to move beyond it.

One helpful technique is deep breathing exercises. Slow your heart rate down and just focus on the most important thing you want to say on camera.  Thinking of funny memories can momentarily distract you before you begin to re-focus prior to filming.

Finally, taking courses can also help to build confidence behind the camera. At this point, we’ll go ahead and toot our own horns here: we run a 30-day video  course which will get you up to speed on handling confidence, preparing for filming and all the elements of  creating your own business videos.

The course involves just a few hours commitment per week over four weeks and additional support is always available.  Leap ahead in your presenting skills and seeing the improvements you make will quickly knock any fears into the past. After a month of training at your pace, you’ll emerge skilled and poised for any on camera opportunity.

How A Good Image Can Help Build A Business

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Your business may have a product or skill set which could help improve life for countless people around the world, but if they don’t know of their existence, it will struggle to reach its full potential.

By cultivating a good image for your business, you’ll be able to attract attention from your target market, who will, in turn, improve its results.

Let’s get into the details of why this is a smart time investment below.

It establishes trust

A business will not last long if customers don’t believe it will deliver on its promises. This maxim has taken on a renewed importance these days, as attempts at deception are quickly reported on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp.

Start by putting up a professionally designed website – in 2018, most people begin relationships with brands online.

By showcasing the competence and expertise of your business, the seeds of trust will be planted in the minds of potential customers. Seal the deal by providing them with an outstanding product or service, and you’ll begin to build up an image as a trustworthy business.

Attracting customers via referrals/word of mouth becomes easier

Some initial customers will become super passionate about your core product/service. Unprompted, they freely spread the word to family, friends, and strangers about what you have to offer the world.

Some tell their friends about their experience with you over lunch or on social media. Others write enthusiastic, multi-paragraph accounts on online review sites.

The end result: a steady stream of new customers inclined to do business with you, all because you took the time to craft a strong image through compelling marketing and superior service.

It frames the conversation around your business

Every aspect of your business, from advertising to how the customer is served, all feeds into a central narrative about your brand – make a compelling and heroic one.

By using video, blogs, podcasts, etc as a storytelling tool, you can tailor your message to reach people who can be helped by the product or service you sell.

Getting a professional videographer to tell your story by producing a well-shot film is one of the best ways to craft an image these days, as video is the popular medium on the web.

With the tale you’ve created firmly in the back of their minds, prospects will often become happy customers. Many will go back to their social spheres of influence and relay your message to friends and family, bringing more qualified customers into your camp as time goes by.

It can land you opportunities on its strength alone

Years of building a brand pay off when new customers come to your door or site simply because your business has come to represent excellence in your niche.

While this doesn’t abdicate you from the responsibility of providing excellent customer service (this is how mighty brands often begin their fall from grace), it helps take a lot of the heavy lifting out of marketing as a critical mass of people are aware of what your business stands for.

Companies like Nike, McDonald’s, Amazon, and others no longer have to justify the value they provide – their identities have so collectively permeated the consciousness of their customers, they no longer have to expend much thought when deciding to buy their products.

This effect can be achieved in smaller niches as well – just understand getting to this point will take many years of intelligent marketing, crafting quality products/services, and providing excellent customer service.

If you’re stuck and need advice about building your image, connect with me today.