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Can women have it all in today’s world? Despite what sceptics say, it is possible to have a successful career and a fulfilling home life.

The existence of the superwoman is proof of this – juggling the demands of a corporate job/running a business whilst running a household, they lead full (if busy) lives.

It is not an easy role to play – but then again, nothing worth doing is. What traits do successful superwomen possess? Let’s explore this topic further in today’s blog.

Superwomen are empowered

Superwomen know they are capable of doing anything they put their mind towards. Unencumbered by gender roles, they don’t hesitate to take the lead in any field where they work.

Whilst they are capable of excelling in male-dominated fields, they don’t hesitate to tap the powers which come easily to them by virtue of being a woman.

By leveraging their superior listening, negotiation, and collaboration skills, they have been able to take their career to new heights, as we now live in a world which values these strengths.

Superwomen are in touch with their feelings

Extraordinary women do not shy away from their feelings – they pay attention to the signals they give off.

Superwomen realise emotions, be they fear, anger, or frustration are not meant to be viewed as harmful. Instead, they treat them as feedback.

For instance, if they are afraid of looking like an amateur on video, they take the extra time to go through a checklist which will help them get their screen presence right.

By seeing feelings as an ally rather than an obstacle, they are able to harness them, supercharging the results they achieve in their business and personal life.

Superwomen take care of their bodies

In order to effectively handle the slings and arrows life tosses their way, a superwoman fortifies their body by eating well and engaging in regular exercise.

The demands of a hectic schedule could give them an excuse to fall into the embrace of convenience foods, but the tiredness, irritability, and long-term health effects would have a net negative influence on their life.

Instead, they make the conscious choice to eat whole foods, as they know the energy, vitamins, and minerals they provide will give their body and mind the nourishment they need to succeed.

They also know the value of having an exercise regimen in place. A superwomen’s day typically begins with a brisk jog, as it increases the flow of blood to the brain, boosting alertness and optimal brain function. It also releases serotonin, a hormone proven to elevate mood and combat depression.

Combined, eating well and exercise gives them a boost over those ‘too busy’ to cook meals or work out.

A superwoman has their priorities straight

Compare one superwoman to another and you’ll quickly notice they all have a strong sense of what they need to be doing. Seldom will they be caught flat-footed, as know exactly what their priorities are in any given moment.

Superwomen place a high value on getting work projects done in an efficient manner, as doing so makes them more likely to be viewed as an indispensable asset. As a result, they often shun the usual water cooler talk in favour of getting things done.

If they know they need to shoot some professional videos for their website, but lack experience behind the camera, they forego expensive dinners out for a month and spend $197 on a course to improve their videography skills.

By putting priorities like professional development ahead in the queue, you too can embark on the path to becoming a superwoman – the more you know these days, the more success you’ll ultimately enjoy.