My Story

From the non-stop television world, to the head offices of global corporates, I have let my spirit of adventure and high standards be reflected in my work. I penned a book on how to innovate in business, spurred on by first hand experiences of visionary leadership, as well as unforgettable time spent with senior leaders and spokespeople like racing car legend Michael Schumacher.

My fighting spirit began at a young age, tackling shyness with appearances as lead characters in stage productions. While I excelled at English and most subjects, my math was not great but through sheer focus, I topped math in my final year. At the age of 20, my ambition drove me to march in to the office of the first female Lord Mayor of Brisbane and conduct an interview for a journalism assignment for university. Articulate and generous, Lord Mayor Sallyanne Atkinson gave me the chance to write something that would help me land my first job at a major television network. Around the same time, I fought my fear of singing on stage to win the title of Queensland Rose of Tralee, proudly representing my country in Ireland and vowing to make my mark on the world. I haven’t stopped believing in digging deep to bring almighty efforts to the table to thrive.

I know that a sense of humour, resourcefulness and a willingness to learn are the three essential elements for entrepreneurial growth and that ultimately, you can change your life for the better.

I especially enjoy seeing confidence grow and hard work rewarded. I am passionate about the human spirit and empathise with all who want to succeed and do so with kindness.

I’m keen on writing, entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality, problem solving and making a difference.